A commitment to Responsible innovation in generative AI

To understand the practical issues that organisations, particularly SMEs, face when developing products and services that integrate or are based on generative AI​

Co-creation and agile updates of SME guidance

To provide actionable guidance that will help SMEs implement responsible AI practices by ensuring adequate attention to relevant issues when developing/using generative AI-based products or services

Lack of control over generative AI tools 

Developing nature of AI ethics guidance 

Extra effort and time required by SMEs 

Impact of local culture, norms and practices

Future challenges related to regulatory changes

Pace of developments in generative AI

Testing, Implementation, evaluation, and future proofing

To test Responsible generative AI guidance processes developed in practice with a software development team in a commercial SME context

“”In the landscape of Generative AI, SMEs find their strength not only in navigating challenges but in shaping innovation from the very hurdles they face. It is through overcoming obstacles that SMEs craft the intelligence of tomorrow, turning challenges into the stepping stones for their unique generative AI success stories.””